Koldair Classic - B1.1

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Item  Description 
SKU Description  Top loading Water dispenser 
Available Colors  White , Silver & Black 
Dimensions in MM 30*30.5*101
Product weight excluding carton in Kgs. 15 KG
Number of taps 2
Flow of Cold water for 200 ML Glass of water ( Time ) We comply 6 ~ 8 second with 200 Ml
Lowest water Cooling Temp ( Degree) with 200 Ml 6.5  ͦC with 200 Ml 
Duration for Cooling at 35 Degree outdoor We comply 45 minutes at ( 18 ˷22 )  ͦC
Tank Capacity in Cooling 3.2 L
Tank Capacity in Heating 1 L
Max heating temp 95°c
Duration for Heating  at 35 Degree outdoor 8 Minutes
Average Watt Consumption 69 W
Plastic Type ABS
Child Safety Yes
Inner Water Tank - Material Stainless
Compressor - Brand without fridge S30G -1/12 Horse Power
Refrigerant Type R134a environment friendly
Warranty - Full Product 1 year
compressor warranty 2 Years

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Cold and Hot Water Taps

This Water Dispenser is capable of simultaneously dispensing hot and cold water respectively

Hot water is from 85°C~95°C (inside heating) and cold water is from 8°C~12°C or 6~10°C.

Supply water can be either 3 or 5 gallons bottle water or RO-purified water, and is suited for a wide variety

Child Safety Taps For Hot Water

Electrical Safety Fuse Safety Control with Power Instability


What is the warranty period for the dispenser and its manufacture?

Koldair dispensers are made in Egypt, with a two-year warranty on the compressor and one year on the rest of the dispenser parts.

What is the method of operating the dispenser ?

The dispenser is placed in the operating place and left for two hours until the Freon cycle returns to its normal place after moving it. The water bottle is installed in its place. After the tanks are filled and this is confirmed by running water from the tap, the electrical current is connected and the dispenser is turned on.

Does the dispenser need maintenance every now and then?

The cold tank is only cleaned every once in a while by removing the water bottle and the plastic base below it, cleaning the tank with a piece of sponge and water, and disposing of the cleaning water through the drain hole located on the back of the dispenser .

How to control temperatures?

You can control the temperature through the thermostat located on the back of the dispenser, under a sticker with a warning on it.