Tank Pro Filter - 6 Purification Compact Functions

Brand: Tank Water

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EGP 2,999

Tank Pro filter provides you with the purest water free of sand, dirt, rust, insects, the finest impurities, odor, chlorine, organic gases, bacteria and viruses

- Tank Pro Filter is a new and advanced water purification system using BACTIBAN technology that provides you with water that is 99.9% free of bacteria and viruses.

- Tank Pro filter with built-in technology enables us to provide 6 purification functions, but in a size suitable for your kitchen and a modern design.

- With Tank Pro, changing the cartridge is easy because there is a TIMEX feature that reminds you of when to change the cartridge every 4 months.

- With the Tank Pro filter, you can install the filter and change the cartridge yourself without needing a technician

- With the Tank Pro filter, you can install the filter in different places: on the sink, above the sink, and under the sink.

- Tank Pro filter with a 360-degree rotatable faucet for easy use of the filter in any position on the tank.


What are the 6 Compact functions in Tank Pro filter?

- The first function: It purifies water from impurities, sand, dust, rust, and insects

- The second function: It works to prevent the growth of fungi

- Third function: It removes chlorine, pesticides, sediments, color, gases, and organic pollutants

- Fourth function: eliminates 99.9% of bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella

- Fifth function: eliminates 99.9% of viruses

- Sixth function: It removes odor and improves the taste of water


Filter dimensions: 29 cm x 27 cm x 10 cm

Filter is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase