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Filter Tank Power 3 Stages With 6 Months Cartridges

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Detailed Product Description:
New Tank Power – 3 Stages Filter with Micro Shield® Technology, provides healthy premium drinking water as it filters out 99.9% of Impurities, Silt, Insects, Rust, Chorine, Gases, Organic Materials, Taste and Odor using the all new Tank Power Cartridges:

Tank Power 1:
• Developed with Blue Ring® Technology using three layers of filtration, Tank Power 1 removes 10 times smaller particles than regular cartridges.
• Water Filtration takes place through three different stages.
• Tank Power 1s’ mesh microns start with 5 microns and end with 1 micron, which filters out 10 times smaller particles than regular cartridges, guaranteeing 99.9% filtration of all impurities.
• FDA Approved, Food Grade Material
• Power 1 Longevity: * Up to three months

Tank Power 2:
• Developed with Micro Pores® Technology which guarantees the absorption of 99.9% of Chlorine Color, Taste and Odor.
• Unique patent design and color
• New conical shape, with a wider base that acts as an indicator for a correct cartridge installation.
• FDA Approved, Food Grade Material
• Power 2 Longevity: *Absorption Performance lasts up to 6 Months

Tank Power 3:
• Developed with Micro Pores® Technology which works with Power 2 guaranteeing the absorption of 99.9% of the Smallest Impurities, Organic Materials, Chlorine, Color, Taste and Gases.
• Unique patent design and color
• Protected in its plastic case, eliminating the risk of breakage or cracking guaranteeing the optimum performance.
• New conical shape, with a wider base that acts as an indicator for a correct cartridge installation
• FDA Approved, Food Grade Material

The Offer includes the filter with its basic cartridge + 1 Tank Power first cartridge

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Suitable for installation above the sink

No more Rusting

Durable Anti-Rust plastic base for hygiene and easy cleaning

Stainless Steel Faucet

High quality stainless steel faucet for a better experience


Is the filter made of safe materials?

The filter is made of polypropylene, which is intended for frequent water uses. It is safe, healthy, and approved by the FDA.

What is the country of origin and does the filter have quality certificates and are approved?

Tank filters are Egyptian industry and approved by the Ministry of Health because they are manufactured according to the highest international quality standards. The company also holds ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - OHSAS 18001 certificates.

Are filter parts available as spare parts and from where can I get them?

All filter parts are available as spare parts through 16016 and tank service centers.

What is the filter warranty and is installation by the company required to activate the warranty?

The warranty is automatically valid for one year from the date of purchase on the purchase invoice or with the distributor’s stamp and the date of purchase on the warranty certificate included with the filter. The 3-stage filter is not required to be installed by the company to activate it.

After installing the filter, there is a leak from the filter body, what is the solution?

Make sure that there is a black leather gasket around the housing and a second leather gasket around the base of the candle from the inside, and that the gaskets are intact with no cuts or twisting, and tighten the filter lock. If the same problem persists, call 16016 and request a visit to a tank technician to inspect the filter and solve the problem

The water has black impurities after installing the filter, what is the cause and what is the solution?

This is normal, because the carbon in the second candle is subjected to disintegration during transportation and storage. Therefore, we recommend that when using the filter for the first time, or when changing the second and third candle, the water should be left open for a quarter of an hour, or rinse the second and third candle under running water to remove crumbs.